Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The Happiest Place on Earth...

Who doesn’t like Disneyland?! My husband and I recently took a trip to beautiful Anaheim, CA for a short getaway. We had some free flights with Southwest so we made a spur of the moment decision to take off. We booked a hotel and Disneyland Park package through www.disneyland.com. I highly recommend doing this because of all of the little extras they throw in for booking online. We got discounted park tickets, Disneyland luggage tags, early entrance to the Disneyland one day and another early entrance pass to Toon Town before it opened to the general public. We also got some preferred seating passes to some of the shows (including “It’s Tough to be a Bug” in California Adventure).

The resort hotels were all booked up since we went during spring break season, but we were able to get a room at a Disney Good Neighbor hotel – Marriott Anaheim. The hotel was very nice for being a “convention center” hotel. The rooms were extremely comfortable! We got a king size bed that was amazingly soft and plush! The staff was very pleasant. The hotel has a Starbucks and a Pizza Hut Express inside which was perfect for late night dinners after visiting the parks. The Starbucks has a deli attached to it where you can get fresh fruit and/or bagels in the morning & salads and sandwiches at night…they of course, were a little overpriced for what it was, but it sufficed at the end of a long day.

I know there is something special about taking your children to Disneyland, but since we don’t have kids…I just don’t understand why parents do it. We had the best time without having to worry about nap times, crying children & keeping kids out of the rain. There’s some freedom in fully being able to act like a kid yourself there. Also, having only 2 people in your group really speeds you through the lines at some rides. They’ve added some new features to the Jungle Cruise ride, updated the dolls in “it’s a small world”, and they’re working on changing the 20,000 Leagues ride into something from Nemo.

This was our first trip to California Adventure. While we weren’t totally impressed with the park in general…we did have a good time. California Screamin’ is by far the best coaster there. The Grizzly River Run was fairly long for a water ride, but it wasn’t the best I’ve ever been on. Soarin’ Over California is also a very cool ride. The Tower of Terror ride here eliminated some of the extra features the Disney World version has, but was fun because it seemed to get to the drops faster. One of the preferred seating passes we got was for the Golden Dreams short movie…if you are under the age of 60 I doubt this feature would appeal to you. It’s Tough to be a Bug & Muppets 3D were very cute. The new Monsters Inc, Mike & Sully to the Rescue ride is great for kids, because it’s just a slow ride through different scenes in the movie. Our favorite thing at California Adventure was the Block Party Bash! It’s a parade and street party featuring the characters of Disney Pixar films. It’s very interactive so it makes it really fun if you in one of the party zones!

Seriously people…if you’re looking for a stateside vacation, NOTHING beats Disney!

submitted by Tuesdays Traveler Reader Surupa C. from Atlanta Georgia


At 10:47 AM, Blogger Tuesday said...

What a great review Surupa! Sounds like www.disneyland.com is the place to make your park reservations. Disney has truly mastered the art of making vacations easy.


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