Friday, April 28, 2006


As a child it was the sound of "PIZZA! PIZZA!" that would make any dinner time a happy time. Over time though my pallet has become a bit more civilized and to me nothing beats a goods piece of pizza. While I have enjoyed many a pizza in many places there is one that stands out to me. BEST ITALIAN in Gatlinburg Tennessee. Most people would not expect to find a great Italian place nestled in the Great Smoky Mountains Gatlinburg but that is what you find. Located off the main strip between traffic lights 7 & 8 BEST ITALIAN is a place where the locals eat. In a tourist town, like Gatlinburg, that alone speaks volumes. While spending a few months working in G'burg I became a huge fan of the Veggie Supreme. All the veggies you can think topped off with a generous helping of feta cheese. While some pizza purists may scoff at Feta on a pizza the balance of flavors is delicious.

Honorable Mention goes to:
JOEYS HOUSE OF PIZZA makes a meal out of a slice a pizza. Using a traditional NY crust they pile the toppings high and the result is pure sin! I've only recently discovered this local gem but let me tell you it was love at first bite.

If you find your way to the UK take a quick meal at PIZZA EXPRESS. This is the only place that I have ever had an egg as a topping on a pizza and I must say I liked it. The Fiorentina comes with spinach, parmesan and a free range egg with garlic and olives for a little extra bite. A true party on the palette!

MELLOW MUSHROOM: Sure it's a chain but they make a good pie. You can find them in college towns all over the southeast. Good atmosphere and fun crowds are usually a staple as well.

Where is your favorite pizza place? Post a comment below and let others know.


At 5:12 PM, Anonymous John from NYC said...

Man oh man! Pizza is like my favorite thing to eat ever. Personally I prefer John's Pizza in the Little Italy area of NYC. Best pizza in the world in my humble opinion.

At 6:31 AM, Anonymous Pops From The North said...

Take it Easy!!! It’s got to be the Thin Crust Pizza @ Luigi's Restaurant & Pizzeria 2132 Davison Rd Flint, MI 48506. Buy far the best I have had. So if you are ever up this way you have to give them a try. It will be worth your wile. Lets just say it’s been good to the last slice for the last 37 years. Let me also recommend their “Ham & Cheese Garlic Bread.

At 4:17 PM, Blogger Tuesday said... are could I forget Luigi's pie. Allthough not a big fan of thin crust this one is good and filling (unlike so many others!). Thanks for the reminder!

At 3:20 PM, Anonymous Ruth said...

I don't know about FAVORITE...but Two Amy's in Georgetown has a great atmosphere and delicious gourmet pizza...I really like the tomato/basil/mozzerella. However, it's usually quite crowded, so expect a wait...but it's well worth it!


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