Tuesday, June 20, 2006

New York Steak Of Mind

When I used to think of a trip to new York city visions of the statue of liberty and Broadway dancers filled my head but that was all before my first experience with Peter Luger’'s Steakhouse.

Peter Luger'’s is where cattle would dream of having their final resting place if they did in fact dream about that kind of thing. This is in fact carnivore heaven. Peter Luger'’s has been in business for over 100 years and there is good reason. They serve the best steak that this mouth has ever had.

Tell your waiter you want the Peter Luger experience and you will not be sorry. You will win a friend if you say you don'’t even need to see a menu. As a starter get the tomato and onions. What may seem like an ordinary plate of onion and tomato is elevated to another level when you add some of Luger'’s legendary steak sauce on top. This past visit we also ordered two slices of their bacon. These are huge and two slices provided everyone at the table a great taste of the smoky charred bacon. It is best bacon I have ever had.

For the entree it'’s the porterhouse. You come here for the steak. Period. The porterhouse is the steak that has made them a legend and porterhouse is what you will have. If you are well done steak person be prepared to be somewhat insulted by the waiter who will think you are crazy. I ordered mine medium and it was as beautiful as a piece of meat can be. Tender. Tasty. Perfect. To round out the Peter Luger Experience you need to get the Luger potatoes and creamed spinach. Both of these plates are good in their own right but with the steak they are incredible.

Even is you haven't saved room for desert you must order one their legendary ice cream sundaes or creamy New York style cheesecake. Both come with generous helpings of their homemade whipped cream that is so tasty that it seems a sin to eat.

A few things to know if you go to Peter Luger'’s:

The waiters (all men) are not going to win hospitality contests but they will take care of you in an efficient way. You will not want for anything that your server will not think of. On the night we last dined there John was our waiter and he was great…he really took care of us.

Make a reservation ahead of time. I called five weeks prior to our last visit and was able to get a reservation at 8:45 at night. You want a 7:00 reservation then you need to call eight weeks out.

Leave your plastic at home beacuse they only take cash at Peter Lugers. Why? Because they can and people continue to show up.

Be prepared to shell out some money for dinner ($100+ for 2) but know that it will be the kind of meal that will bring a smile to your face every time to think about it.

This is one New York show that you will not want to miss!


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