Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Dives. The word itself conjures many different images. Greg Louganis knocking his head on the diving board at the 1984 Olympics. Jacque Cousteau diving down in his little submarine looking for new sea creatures. That biker bar on route 6. But for me dive means "i'm willing to take a chance on this place because chances are they care more about the food than aesthetics."

One such place is John's in Kitty Hawk North Carolina Mile 4.5 on the beach road). While the atmosphere of many of the local restaurants is beach casual this takes it a bit further. On first glance it looks like nothing more than a run down snow cone place. It may have been painted in the last 10 years but I wouldn't put money on it. This road side stand is little more than a glorified shack. People line up at two windows to place orders and when it's ready (about 5-7 minutes the day I was there) they yell your name and you fight your way back through the crowd of people to get it.

What do you order at Johns? They are famous for a couple of things but mostly their Mahi Mahi. This is fresh Atlantic Mahi Mahi lightly breaded and fired up to perfection. This is not a filet o fish this is good stuff. Hot, moist fish that is not overpowered by the breading is what you get. The Mahi comes two different ways. In a basket (mahi bites) or as a sandwich. My wife and I split a basket and a cheeseburger and both said that next time we would opt for the fish sandwich. Several people in our party had it and it looked great. While the cheeseburger was good you don't go to the outer banks to get beef. You go to the ocean to eat things that swim in the ocean.

Save room (or even make room!) when you go for one of their famous shakes. These are as good as they get! With more combinations than your mind can fathom John's takes shakes to the next level. You want a banana, cherry chocolate chip shake? No problem! Butterscotch and fudge? No problem! These shakes are thick tasty and filling.

My advice...Mahi Sandwich a shake and split an order of french fries with whoever your with and you will have a great meal for under $10.

Where is your favorite dive? Write a review and share it with other Tuesday's Traveler readers.


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