Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Nashville Style!

A hotel rating of 3 stars conjures up images of more comfort that your
average run - of - the - mill hotel. You would probably expect a king
sized bed, enough space to not need to stack your luggage, and staff
that is competent and english speaking. You probably don't expect firm
mattresses with down pillow tops, a half dozen pillows of various
density (including down), a room the size of your average living room,
or those cool curved shower rods that give you elbow room while
lathering up your locks.

We stayed at the Hotel Preston once before, the two nights after our
. It was a wonderful experience and so we decided to go back
for a little mid year getaway. Eagerly anticipating that huge soft bed
and plethora of pillows I jumped onto their website to book a room. I
was shocked to find the room prices comparable to a Holiday Inn or
lower end Mariott!

So I did some snooping and found that the Hotel Preston only rates 3
stars. This has got to be one of Nashville's best kept lodging
secrets. Where else can you order yourself a gold fish companion to
keep you company while watching the tube, or a lava lamp to provide a
little extra atmosphere? I don't know of anywhere else?

The staff is very professional and very polite, but they lack that
obsequies attitude that so often kills southern charm and hospitality.
Conveniently located (even amidst the horrid construction) between the
airport and downtown Nashville on Briley Pkwy just off I-40 the Hotel
Preston is a breath of incredibly affordable luxury. Very few details
are left unrefined, including a bathrobe in each room along the lines
what you'd find some where twice or more as expensive.

We haven't tried the hotel restaurant yet, that will be another trip,
and we accidentally left the "Do Not Disturb" sign on the door after we
ordered the complimentary lava lamp - we didn't feel like staying up an
extra hour so it could warm up and cast its warm and bubbling glow over
us so we didn't bother calling down to have it sent back up. But I
can't wait to go back and put the rest of their amenities to the test.

reveiw submitted by Tim M. This is Tim's first of many reviews for our readers.
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Tuesday's Tip: Check out the hotel web site for cool packages. They are a pet friendly hotel and even offer a special pet package!


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