Monday, August 14, 2006

Alaskan Cruise Price Hike?

For those who dream of taking an Alaskan Cruise you might want to hurry. Alaskans are heading to the polls on August 22nd to vote on a measure that would tax each passenger $50 for travel to the 49th state.

While other cruise destinations have similar taxes the $50 dollar fee would be the first for Alaska. The estimated $50 million in annual revenue would be used for upkeep of the harbors and docks. Something that in the past has been shouldered by the local governments.

Also part of Measure 2 on the ballot is stricter enforcement of commission disclosures to passengers. Many local merchants and tour operators pay large commissions to the cruise lines to be listed as recommended or preferred. Companies that opt out of paying the commissions to the cruise lines are black listed. A similar law has been on the books in Alaska since 1994 but this provides for greater enforcement.


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